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Lisa Gildar Interior Spaces specializes in high-end custom residential and commercial interior design in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Paradise Valley, Arizona and was recently featured in Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine. Lisa’s ability to listen to her clients, interpret their tastes and style while focusing on the function and use of each space drives her passion to create truly unique one of a kind interiors.  These interior spaces reflect the individuality of each client whether at home or in the work place.

For over 23 years Lisa Gildar has worked in the field of interior design and fine art servicing both residential and commercial interior design clients. In 1996 Lisa founded Eclectic Design, an interior design studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. Lisa has worked with homeowners, builders and architects on new construction, remodel and commercial  interior design projects.  In  2005 Eclectic Design became Lisa Gildar Interior Spaces. 

     Born in the Midwest Lisa draws inspiration from her connection to nature and the earth. Moving to Scottsdale in 1973, Lisa has a unique perspective on living in the Sonoran Desert and the evolving lifestyle and architecture of the Southwest. Outdoor living spaces play an important role in her residential interior design work. Function drives her design while she balances the elements of color, texture, scale and form. Choices in materials and finishes for each interior design project are a conscious balance of aesthetics with sustainable considerations and the impact these design choices have on the environment we work and live in. Selection and placement of artwork also play a key role in defining the interior spaces Lisa creates, and is critical to the success of her design projects. 

Please visit the other pages in this website for a visual profile of Lisa's interior design projects in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Paradise Valley, Arizona.

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